Re trigger all existing unhandled problems


I am having a complete brain fart and can’t think of the best way to achieve this which it’s probably one click of a button.

I need to trigger a new email notification for all unhandled file system alerts, my notifications are set to to notify once, then if it is still an issue notify again a week later.

However how do i get this to force through a “one off” replay notification of the exisitng alert? As I need existing unhandled alerts to generate the notification which inturn will log a ticket to our ticketing system.

If i scheduled a recheck of the service it doesn’t generate a notification. is this because period notifications are turned on?

Thanks and sorry for the silly question!

Notifications are only generated when a service changes its state.
You can configure periodic notifications. These generate a notification in a configurable interval.

But currently there is no possibility to re-send a notification.

You could try and use the command “Fake check result” to set the problematic service to OK manually. After a short time it would be detected as not OK again and a new notification would be generated.

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