[Release] Checkmk beta release 2.2.0b6

Dear friends of Checkmk,

the new beta release 2.2.0b6 of Checkmk is ready for download.

This test release ships with 16 changes affecting all editions of Checkmk,
2 changes for the Enterprise editions, 0 Cloud Edition specific and
0 Managed Services Edition specific changes.

Support periods can be found here: Checkmk versions

Changes in all Checkmk Editions:

Checks & agents:

  • 15532 Extension packages: Disallow packages with no applicable Checkmk version
  • 15664 FIX: inv_cisco_vlans: Fix ā€˜listā€™ object has no attribute ā€˜id_ā€™ā€¦
  • 15392 FIX: Cisco Meraki: Use device name instead of lan IP as the piggybacked host name
  • 15530 FIX: Discovery: Correctly update host labels of clusters and their nodesā€¦
  • 15533 FIX: Extension packages: Packages missing on remote sites
  • 15390 FIX: cisco_meraki_org_device_status: Fix discovery of device status services
  • 15391 FIX: cisco_meraki_org_licenses_overview: Short service descriptionā€¦
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

HW/SW inventory:

  • 15393 cisco_meraki_org_device_info: Add more information to HW/SW inventoryā€¦

Metrics system:

  • 15662 FIX: Bug fixes for cmk.gui.plugins.metrics.utils.indexed_colorā€¦
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!


  • 15678 FIX: schemas: regex pattern updatesā€¦
  • 15680 FIX: downtimes: duration field changed from seconds to minutesā€¦
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!


  • 15482 FIX: Random automation secret is now copied to clipboard on creationā€¦

Setup, site management:

  • 15661 FIX: Automatic host removal: Remove agent TLS registration when deleting hosts in subfoldersā€¦
  • 15672 FIX: logwatch pattern analyzer: clarify redefinition of statesā€¦

Site management:

  • 15706 FIX: Reduce permission questions during ā€œomd updateā€ā€¦
  • 15560 FIX: Drop support for Debian-9ā€¦
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:

Agent bakery:

  • 15698 FIX: mk_filestats: Crash on baking with ā€œDeploy without configurationā€ā€¦

Metrics system:

  • 15663 FIX: Single-metric dashlets: Fix crash when setting fixed data range in time unitsā€¦

Changes in the Checkmk Cloud Edition:


Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:


You can download Checkmk from our download page: Download Checkmk for free | Checkmk

List of all changes: Werks

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback-2.2-beta@checkmk.com.
We greatly thank you for using Checkmk and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Checkmk Team

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