[Release] Checkmk stable release 1.6.0p15

Dear friends of Checkmk,

the new stable release 1.6.0p15 of Checkmk is ready for download.

This maintenance release ships with 13 changes affecing all editions of
Checkmk, 1 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 0 Managed Services Edition
specific changes.

The most important change is a fix for unstable livestatus communication
(#11258) that occured since 1.6.0p12.

Changes in all Checkmk Editions:

Checks & agents:

  • 11149 mkp_prometheus: addition of mkp version 1.2
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10784 FIX: Windows tasks check-plugin now deals with long named scheduled tasks
  • 11143 FIX: postgres_instances: Set status to CRIT in case no instance is running
  • 11298 FIX: suseconnect: replace error message with no services discovered when licensing information is not found
  • 11048 FIX: k8s_stats.fs: ignore /var/lib/docker overlay and /dev/shm filesystems
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10853 FIX: mk_oracle.ps1: Fixed missing update of SQLs
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 10850 FIX: mk_oracle: Fixed remote instances with excluded sections
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Core & setup:

  • 11257 FIX: Docker contianer: Fix container detection in podman containers

Event console:

  • 11236 Event Console/SNMP Credentials: Add additional privacy and authentication protocols


  • 11258 FIX: Fix unstable, inperformant livestatus communication (1.6.0p12 regression)

Site management:

  • 11253 FIX: LIVESTATUS_TCP_ONLY_FROM: Allow IPv6 addresses to be configured

User interface:

  • 11252 SEC: Fix reflected XSS using icon selector


  • 11254 FIX: Improve validation of host diagnostic page

Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:

The Check_MK Micro Core:

  • 10127 FIX: Do not remove acknowledgements for retries.

Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:


You can download Checkmk from our download page:

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@checkmk.com.
We greatly thank you for using Checkmk and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Checkmk Team



maybe it is to late and / or to warm, but where can I find the new prometheus mkp? On Exchange there is still 1.1.

Last I saw there was a werk note saying 1.2 had compatibility problems in 1.6.

Looks like it’s all in 1.7. So, if you running the unreleased version, you can probably pick it up in github (?)

Hi all,
Here are the instructions to activate the MKPs that are part of the Feature Pack.
The Feature Pack packages on the Exchange were for testing purposes, will delete it soon to avoid confusion. Thanks a lot for pointing that out! :smiley: