[Release] Checkmk stable release 2.0.0p3

Dear friends of Checkmk,

the new stable release 2.0.0p3 of Checkmk is ready for download.

This maintenance release ships with 7 changes affecing all editions of Checkmk,
1 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 0 Managed Services Edition specific

This is mainly a hot fix release for a regression affecting the graphing of the
Raw Edition (#12298).

Changes in all Checkmk Editions:

Checks & agents:

  • 12757 FIX: New Zerto special agent was not functional
  • 12634 FIX: check plugin register: raise error on duplicate plugin
  • 12315 FIX: check: liebert_temp_air: fix Attribute Error
  • 12776 FIX: cisco_vpn_sessions: Fix IndexError (string index out of range)
  • 12777 FIX: dell_poweredge_amperage: fix ValueError crash


  • 12298 FIX: Raw edition: Fix “No historic metrics recorded…”

User interface:

  • 12743 FIX: Fix handling of start url in user profile

Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:

Checks & agents:

  • 12313 FIX: checks: diskstat: Fix predictive values

Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:

You can download Checkmk from our download page:

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@checkmk.com.
We greatly thank you for using Checkmk and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Checkmk Team


I found error related to Opsgenie @ https://forum.checkmk.com/t/opsgenie-notification-doesnt-works-at-checkmk-2-0-0p3-json-decoder-jsondecodeerror-expecting-value-line-1-column-1-char-0/24183