[Release] Checkmk stable release 2.0.0p6

Dear friends of Checkmk,

the new stable release 2.0.0p6 of Checkmk is ready for download.

This maintenance release ships with 54 changes affecting all editions of Checkmk,
6 Enterprise Edition specific changes and 0 Managed Services Edition specific changes.

Changes in all Checkmk Editions:


  • 12473 FIX: BI view filtering: fixed broken host and service filters
  • 12470 FIX: BI: Fixed needless recompilation of BI aggregates
  • 12469 FIX: BI: fixed race condition leading to empty aggregation pages

Checks & agents:

  • 12885 if64: Option to Check Combination of Operational and Admin States
  • 12923 Calculated latency levels checked in disk checks
  • 12678 UNIX agent: Better error communication for failed python plugins
  • 12792 cisco_wlc: Add support for Cisco WLC 9800
  • 12898 ps: compute percentual memory usage for clustered services
  • 12882 FIX: Host tags: Take tag groups into account when matching against rule conditions
  • 12981 FIX: oracle_jobs: Fix ValueError for setups with CDB and nonCDB on same host
  • 12982 FIX: oracle_recovery_status: Stop ignoring offline datafiles (12.1+)
  • 12899 FIX: Checkmk Service: Do not crash upon exceptions in plugins
  • 12883 FIX: Fix ALLNET IP Sensoric special agent (check plugins allnet_ip_sensoric_…)
  • 12302 FIX: Fix cache miss in SNMP discovery
  • 12301 FIX: Fix cache usage for clusters
  • 12922 FIX: Fix crash in parsing netapp agent output
  • 12787 FIX: Kubernetes: Custom URL: ignore default port
  • 12493 FIX: StoreOnce fix on expired tokens
  • 12895 FIX: agent_graylog: Retrieve all sidecars instead of only the first 50
  • 12897 FIX: check_icmp: Failed to resolve multiple addresses
  • 12901 FIX: ps: Fix crash if only some node of a cluster provide memory info
  • 12896 FIX: statgrab_mem,solaris_mem: Missing memory data in HW/SW inventory
  • 12494 FIX: Multiline interface descriptions now supported
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 12913 FIX: cisco_ip_sla: use stable service descriptions
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 12765 FIX: k8s_pods_memory, k8s_pods_cpu, k8s_pods_fs: deprecate check plugins
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 12789 FIX: kubernetes: nodes: fix labelling
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 12914 FIX: mssql.vbs: plugin now uses UTF-16 to support special characters like umlauts
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Core & setup:

  • 12945 REST API: option to show folders recursively and return type
  • 12835 FIX: Service label conditions could lead to wrong rule matches
  • 12941 FIX: REST API: convert known host attributes to well defined structure
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 12947 FIX: REST API: ETag validation is not less strict
  • 12944 FIX: REST API: acquire wato configuration lock before changing files
  • 12946 FIX: REST API: allow dots in pathnames through folder regexp
  • 12943 FIX: REST API: allow hostnames for ipaddress attribute
  • 12942 FIX: REST API: parse HTTP content-type header options
  • 12889 FIX: activate_changes: modifying status codes when activate changes is invoked
  • 12890 FIX: dcd: solve error when custom dcd connectors are installed


  • 12866 pagerduty, slack, ilert, signl4, victorops, cisco_webex_teams: Add missing options
  • 12962 FIX: Fix usage of default sender address of appliance


  • 12472 FIX: 1.6central/2.0remote compatibility: Fixed service discovery and activate changes
  • 12465 FIX: Tag configuration: Fixed broken “Tag usage” page
  • 12311 FIX: Views: host custom attribute: Fix grouping, add sorting

User interface:

  • 12912 SEC: Update mobile GUI
  • 12873 FIX: Disable link to availability if required context information is missing
  • 12963 FIX: Fix BI aggregation work tree
  • 12871 FIX: Fix accidentally showing of unpublished visuals
  • 12868 FIX: Fix confirm message of remove comment command
  • 12869 FIX: Fix error on commands in views with always enabled checkboxes
  • 12874 FIX: Fix filter on audit log page
  • 12800 FIX: Host Label search in View Filters
  • 12915 FIX: Informational text abot clusters was not shown in the “Catalog of check plugins”
  • 12911 FIX: mobile GUI: notification contacts linked to non-mobile GUI
  • 12875 FIX: Fix ignored changes on local defined config variables
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!
  • 12865 FIX: Fix possibility to overwrite selections of other users
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Changes in the Checkmk Enterprise Edition:

Agent bakery:

  • 12679 FIX: cmk-update-agent: Prevent crash on missing “Content-Length” HTTP header
    NOTE: Please refer to the migration notes!

Checks & agents:

  • 12902 FIX: Checking used cached data after autodiscovery activated changes

Metrics system:

  • 12495 FIX: Fix Graphs when active check ICMP inspects a host with multiple addresses
  • 12492 FIX: Fix add metric from service view to custom and forecast graphs


  • 12870 FIX: Jira: Make site custom field ID optional

Reporting & availability:

  • 12801 FIX: Error when Rendering report with Availability table

Changes in the Checkmk Managed Services Edition:

You can download Checkmk from our download page:

Please mail bug reports and qualified feedback to feedback@checkmk.com.
We greatly thank you for using Checkmk and wish you a successful monitoring,

Your Checkmk Team