Remote Jolokia Access

we’re running some test systems (SLES15) with Java application servers. Monitoring with the Checkmk agent for Linux and the respective agent plugin to access the webapp jolokia via localhost works fine so far. ( )

Unfortunately the production systems are managed servers and we only have full access to the application servers (Wildfly, Tomcat), but not to the OS and therefore there is no way to install the Checkmk agent for Linux.

As Jolokia is a webapp it’s no problem to access http://$HOSTNAME/jolokia/ from another host but how could a Checkmk plugin for Jolokia be configured to run on another server to monitor the application servers via http? Actually I’d like to have a central host that has access to all application server hosts via http.
It would be great if this could be done by the Checkmk machine itself, but running a dedicated system as “Checkmk Proxy” would be fine as well.

BTW: We are not restricted to Jolokia. Any other approach to collect data from Mbeans would be fine as well but I understood that Jolokia is the suggested way to do this (?).

TIA for your efforts!


For Jolokia you have three approaches. The first one you already used on a system locally.
The second one is using the Jolokia plugin local on your monitoring server and provide a configuration file with all the remote instances you want to query.
The third option is using the Jolokia special agent and bind this special agent to the host objects where the remote Jolokias are running.

HI andreas

if i want plugin on checkmk server , and just with configuration i want to monitor the nodes , how can we archive the same ?