Reports / Dashboards

Hi All,

I have rule which will alert me if the uptime is less than 10 minutes show as critical ( to indicate a server has rebooted was my thinking behind this rule) This is working fine and i receive the email notification.

Is there a way to create a dashboard / report against a rule? ruleID, for example i want a view / report that will tell me of servers with an uptime of <24 hours for all hosts in the main folder. So anything that has hit ruleID 1234 in the past 24 hours show me kind of thing.

The problem i think i am having, is that the uptime returns to OK after 10 minutes, so it will not show in a dashboard view, or i can’t get it too.

The only alternative way i can think of is, is it possible to create a dashboard / report that runs against notifications which i can then tweak / filter down to potentially achieve the output i desire?

I can change views and filters to achieve close to what i am after but as soon as i add it to a dashboard it appears not to keep the filter, or translate over correctly.

Did a search on here, but majority of post seem to be relating to the reporting in checkMK not being that great! i will keep messing around for now.

Copy windows / linux dashbord, delete everything expect “Host information” part of it.
Delete everything in Host information expect host name and uptime.
Soft for uptime

This is super hacky bit it is fast, and it works.
There are probably better ways.