Request to customize the login screen.

Request to customize the login screen.
There is a possibility to enter a login message.
Could you make this field colored.
So one could see better the difference of e.g. production / development environments.

A simple background color for the message field would be sufficient for me personally.

Hi @BraniZ

Welcome to the forum! While you surely can mention feature ideas like that here on the forum, the best way to raise this is probably through

That way, others can upvote your request, and we as tribe29 see how much demand there is for such a feature. That helps up prioritize.

I also have an idea how you might be able to achieve your goal: Why don’t you just exchange the Checkmk logo? That can easily be done. You might have the Checkmk logo for your production environment, and something else for your staging environment?


In global setting you will be able to set the login screen. You will find it in User Interface section.

Rg, Christian

How do you change the colours?

You can not change the colours at this point.

Rg, Christian

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