Responsive Textbox/Input Fields

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maybe this is already adressed in 1.7 but to go for sure, i’ll post it here.
When using the the Rule “Count, size and age of files (Linux, Windows)” it occours in a couple of times that the file path’s are much longer than the default input field.

As there is much space left on the screen it would be nice when the input field would be more responsive or scalable so the length could be made longer :slight_smile:

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it is currently the same behavior in Checkmk 2.0.


@kdeutsch can we now download the 2.0 somehwere ?

if you have login credentials for the Checkmk download section, you can download the daily build - this will be Checkmk 2.0. Otherwise you have to wait for the innovation release. Have a look at this post:


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unfortunatly we dont have it, we use RAW version. thanks @kdeutsch

Hi Constantin,

Thanks for your feedback! I have raised this to the team who’s working on the UX for the next version.
If you have other feedback regarding the UI, you can also send an e-mail directly to


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