Returning multiple values of same metric from active check

Hi everyone,
I am developing custom active checks for my company and I ran into some “problems” that I do not know if there is easy solution.
So, We need to monitor CPU/Memory (and few others) stats of hardware, point is, we cannot use agent as there is no access to the machines. Using additional software we can send data to yet another software, then I can get it with active check from there. Problem is, we can dump the data every so often, right know we do it every hour, because it is resource heavy. So when I start active check I end up with 60 lines of the same metric, one for every minute.
Is there a way to return all of that data with timestamp, to create graph?

Unfortunately not. A service check only returns the current metric value.

Thank you, then we will probably deal somehow with average data. :slight_smile: