Rework Notification and Permission System

I know that notifications and permissions are historically coupled in CMK, because of it’s Nagios roots (you see what you get notified for). But in my opinion today Contact Groups are no longer a good way to handle notifications/permissions.
In my opinion this whole system should leave behind its Nagios roots and should be be reworked, so to have a per-host/service permission system, that can handle granular user and (AD) groups permissions.
Also the whole notification system should be adapted to have the same capability.
This would make a lot of things much easier to handle and greatly reduce the overall complexity of notifications/permissions in CMK.

I agree, while most installation have no issue with this in practice, the bigger an environment gets, the trickier it can become if users should have different roles for different folders e.g.
So in short:

  • roles should be associated with a user & a folder, not only global roles that the user will have for all folders
  • as msommer said: seeing a host in the Web-UI and being a contact for that host should be separated

this is probably easy (not :D)

All the things you wrote are already existing. Notification can be completely independent from contact groups. In most of my setups this is already the case.
Permissions are handled inside WATO/Setup with automatically populated AD groups.

It’s not that you can’t work around most of the notification issues, but it it is cumbersome and hard to maintain.