Roadmap to Checkmk 1.7

Dear Community,

At the Checkmk conference, we’ve shared the Checkmk product roadmap which includes the progress of the next version and the topics expected to be tackled in the near future.

We would like to share the details of the roadmap here on the forum and have discussions around it with you. We will have a couple of posts about this topic, which will be tagged roadmap.

For the first post, we would like to share with you what you can expect in the next major version of Checkmk, which we currently plan for October 2020.
The following is just an extract of some of the more important new things coming up. Check out our werks to see everything which is already finished.

More information can also be found in slides of Lars’ presentation at the conference. The video is currently only accessible to conference participants, and will be made public in the next months.

Improving the User Experience

This is one of the major themes of our work in tribe29 since version 1.6, and with version 1.7, we can look forward to more UX improvements.

UX Redesign

Maintain Checkmk’s flexibility, but speed up the learning curve for new and ‘casual’ users.

  • New navigation: For users to know where they are and easily access what they need with an improved sidebar, better context buttons, breadcrumbs and a “super” search
  • Clarity: Simplified pages/forms, clarity of naming, fresh design & icons
  • Basic vs Advanced: Make Checkmk beginner-friendly without affecting the experience for veteran users
  • More powerful visualizations and improved dashboarding
    • New dashlets (single metric, barbar charts, scatter plots)
    • Dashboard usability (seamless deleting and editing, copying of dashlets, linking views instead of copying them)
    • Pre-built intelligent dashboards for checkmk, vsphere, linux, windows

UI improvements

  • Modern graphing and Grafana integration for the Checkmk Raw Edition
  • Advanced forecasting for metrics to prevent capacity constraints
  • Improved PDF reporting: configurable front pages, automatic table of contents, custom time ranges for specific elements; customer-specific report layouts and macros for the Managed Servcies Edition

Cloud & Containers

  • Dynamic Configuration: Already introduced in 1.6, more improvements are on the way to monitor dynamic environments incl. an API to build your own connector
  • Prometheus integration: Introducing an integration with Prometheus, an open source ecosystem for metric monitoring
    • Integration of the most important Prometheus exporters
    • Native support of PromQL queries in Checkmk
  • More AWS & Azure monitoring integrations (AWS DynamoDB, AWS WAF, AWS Glacier, Azure AD Connect)

Network Monitoring

  • Network flow monitoring via deep ntop integration to analyze network traffic. This will make the following ntop information available in Checkmk:
    • Traffic dashboard
    • Network flows
    • Alert Summary and specific alarms to trigger notifications in Checkmk
    • Detailed host views

Automation & Extensibility

  • Distributed agent bakery: Deploying baked agents via remote sites within a distributed monitoring configuration.
  • New REST-API
  • Introducing the Check-API
  • New notification integrations, e.g. Cisco WebEx Teams, Microsoft Teams


  • Splitting of check helpers into fetcher and checker processes to reduce RAM footprint and much improved scalability of helper processes
  • Incremental configuration sync for remote sites for faster Activate Changes

And we continue extending the systems you can monitor with Checkmk and thus added many check plug-ins such as Graylog, RabbitMQ, Redis, IBM MQ, Couchbase, Jira, Jenkins, Huawei, Proxmox, Pulse Secure, Cisco ASA and many more.

Feel free to reply with your questions or thoughts on this topic!



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Will there be a innovation Version for the CRE?

No, sorry. Innovation Releases and Daily Builds are only available in CEE.