RRD files are messed up (issue during v1.6 -> v2 Update)

today we’ve updated our checkmk dev environment from 1.6.0p21 to 2.0.0p9 and on one of our sites we got the following warnings:

RRD files for host foobar and service RAID Group 9 Capacity stored in files:
-| - /opt/omd/sites/dev_foo/var/check_mk/rrd/foobar/RAID_Group_9_Capacity.info
-| - /opt/omd/sites/dev_foo/var/check_mk/rrd/foobar/RAID_Group_9_Capacity.rrd
-| are messed up. Please restore them both from backup.

Could anybody explain what exactly is the problem and how to solve this? Should we just delete these rrd files?

In general the update to v2 was successful, we nevertheless want to solve these issues.


On some systems i had the same message. A check if these graphs are working gave no error or problem with the graphed data.

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Okay, then I’ll ignore them. On my site the graphs are fine as well.