RRDtool graphs errors in notification mails

I’m using checkmk-raw 1.6.0p13 and it was a fresh install, the problem that I’m facing occurred from the beginning, so it wasn’t caused by any update. I’m running check_mk on CentOS 7. Logs didn’t helped me at all. Below I’m posting what I get in notification mail:

Only check_mk with its additional software was installed on that system, from additional that could be useful I can say, that web interface is running with a certificate signed by a company.
I would be very thankful for any help (re-installation is not possible).

There are no builds available for such an old Red Hat. Oldest is Red Hat 6

Yeah, sorry, my mistake, it’s Cent7

Curious, we stood up a new CentOS 7 Checkmk RE 1.6.0p13 instance several weeks back, and it’s working very well. No sign of this rrdtool error.

Only thought I have is if you installed the Checkmk RPM with “rpm” or with “yum”. Using the latter may bring in some dependency RPMs. Other than that, I’d keep looking through log messages.

The problem is, that there is nothing about this in logs :confused:

It looks like a problem with the generated rrdtool call. Is the mail notification script the original version?
And other question happens this with every graph inside the mail notification or only some?

First question: yes, when it comes to scripts it’s all default configuration
Second: It happens in every mail that is sent (no matter if it’s snmp or ping service only, no matter what user it is sent to).

The strange thing is that the error message not comes directly from the notification script itself.
It is possible that this is a problem with your PHP version. The mail script generates an system call for PHP to fetch the graph from inside PNP4Nagios.
Is your PNP4Nagios front end working without errors?

That’s a surprise, but yes, it is working correctly. When I go to mydomain.abc/pnp4nagios PNP4Nagios site appears with correctly generated graphs and stuff, everything in here seems to be 100% correctly generated and loaded.

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