Rspamd graphs not working


For some reason the graphs are not working for the rspamd plugin. It monitors rspamd just fine, but all the graphs seem to crash. Looks something like this:
rspamd error

It’s no major issue, more an annoyance. So if someone knows how to fix this, that would be great.

Hey @louis ,
I have the same Problem here with CMK Raw 1.6.0p14.
Do you solved this problem, yet?

Maybe @r.sander can help here …

Hi Kokel,

Sorry, no. I’m at a total loss why this happens. And alas, nobody has yet replied with a suggestion where to look.

Here I attach the error image from my system.

And here is another one:

It turned out that the problem is “stacked” in the graph info section, this has to be “stack”:

File “~/local/share/check_mk/web/plugins/metrics/”:

'title': _('Rspamd HAM/SPAM'),
'metrics': [ ( 'rspamd_ham_count_rate', 'stack' ),
             ( 'rspamd_spam_count_rate', 'stack' ),
             ( 'rspamd_scanned_rate', 'line' ),

'title': _('Rspamd Actions'),
'metrics': [ ( 'rspamd_actions_no_action_rate', 'stack' ),
             ( 'rspamd_actions_reject_rate', 'stack' ),
             ( 'rspamd_actions_soft_reject_rate', 'stack' ),
             ( 'rspamd_actions_greylist_rate', 'stack' ),
             ( 'rspamd_actions_rewrite_subject_rate', 'stack' ),
             ( 'rspamd_actions_add_header_rate', 'stack' ),
             ( 'rspamd_scanned_rate', 'line' ),

@louis ^^


Thanks! I never would have found that. It does indeed solve the issue.

Thenks for finding that. I just created a new MKP which should be available on shortly.

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