Same Pushover Message comes four times in a row

CMK version:2.1.0
OS version:Debian 11

Error messageSame Pushover Message comes four times in a row:

Hi everyone,

i configured pushover on cmk within notifycations section.
I copied my email notification, which is working perfectly and is sending only one email per notification and configured it to send the same notifications per pushover, but pushover gets every same message four times in a row with the same timestamp.

A test-push-notificaton of pushover weblogin only comes once so the problem seems to be with cmk.

Any suggestions how to fix this?

Thank you.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to fix this?


Looks like that the alarm ist send to 4 members of a contact group. You can send the puhover to a single contact like the automation in check_mk. Than you have only one alert for your pushover.

RG, Christian

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Hi Christian,

many thanks for this hint!
I had marked “Notify all Users” and there are 4 Users on my installation of cmk.

Now i´ve tried this:

and it works!

Thank you!