Search for folders and bulk modify folder properties

WATO is limited to manual navigation when it comes to folders. It would be useful to be able to search for folder names especially in a large folder organization.

Along with this feature, the ability to then bulk modify the properties of multiple folders.

My 2cts here:

  1. If you have that many folders, you are probably doing something wrong.
  2. Hosts can be searched and bulk edited already.

I am just being blunt here, because I think the feature you have in mind would not really solve your problem to begin with.

Thanks. We haven’t decided on our folder organization just yet. We have devices in numerous buildings and rooms. One option we were considering was to structure by location and use tags for device type. Or the other way around (which is where we are leaning) would be to have folder by device type and use tags for location. Location information is important to us because we need to create hostgroups to accommodate NagVis pages as well as building Views. Best Regards.

In my opinion, this is the best solution. This would also lower your number on rules needed.


You might even go one step further: Start with location folders and then create technical folders.
Something like this:

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Yes. This is the direction we have decided to take.
A top folder layer for the broader locations that require separate user permissions. Then a technical layer organized by device type. And then host tags to attribute more detailed location information, such as building and room number.
The latest video from the Checkmk team was extremely helpful in finalizing the decision. Thank you Robin.

Best regards.

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