Search Time Graphs by specific metric(s)?

For a given service, I have multiple graphed items. I think I already know it’s not possible to search, but maybe this could be future enhancement.

You can sort of do this, but only very very very statically (using the CEE custom graphs). I need something more dynamic.

Just a long shot. Never tried it myself, so I can’t be of more help, but maybe you can try integrating with Grafana:

That probably would work, but at that point, why checkmk? you know?

What exactly do you want to achieve with the search?
Something like - all services with name “X” and all performance values starting with “load” ?
If you mean such a procedure than i only can say not possible at the moment.
With the combined graph feature only the possibility to filter for specific performance values is missing.

All CPU load from a search combined in a graph is working but not only the load5 or load15

We have a custom service that exposes Springboot2 http metrics by endpoint. So, for a particular “service”, there are multiple graphs for all the endpoints.

There is an “All_Ok” graph for every service and an “All_Fail” graphs for every service which encompasses the counts for all the endpoint of the service. So, while we can do a search for graphs that gets all of the graphs, it’s large. And though we can do things like Combined Graphs from the search result (to combine the All_Ok and All_Fail), the somewhat unique endpoint graphs remain.

Example of the All_Ok

Example of a specific endpoint set that we don’t want to show (there are a ton of these)

The “services” can vary (come and go). Otherwise, we might use a custom graph. But it’s just too static.