Searching plugin long output in Multisite

Hello All,

This is my first post here, so first of all: Huge thanks to Check_MK developers for a fantastic monitoring software! I have been using it now for over 10 years, but still have question I could not find the answer to:
Is it possible to search the “Long output of check plugin (multisite)” form or at least have that field exported to CSV?
I am using raw checkmk v1.6.0.p5
Many thanks!

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Easy answer is to your second question. Define your own view with the Long output of check plugin (multisite) as an column. The quickest way is to modify the All services view or some other service view.
The first part is not possible without programming.
There is no option to specify the long output as a filter field. That means there is no filter option defined inside checkmk for this type of field.

Thank you Andreas,
Well… I was kind of hoping that developers would take this as a feature request :slight_smile:
Many thanks.