Server status in check_mk

I have created the folder properties for hosts in check_mk as follows

But when i see the server i am getting these services as well

I want to see only Ping check Applied for the servers where i selected No Agent something like this How can I fix the issue which I am seeing


I don’t think the the host shown in your screenshot has the config with “No agent” and “No SNMP”.
You see it on the received error text. --> “[agent] Communication failed…”
Check the WATO config of this host and active any changes.

if you see my first screen shot i have update it as NO Agent and No SNMP but still for some reason it is picking up the values

If you only set the folder properties then the host can have different explizit settings.
Please check your host inside WATO directly and if this not helps you can also do a “cmk -D hostname” to see the result on the command line.

I found one more issue when i am clicking the host in Problems or in stale and once it redirects to the host page i see that it is Up & Running.

Is there any way we can resolve this issue

Again - show the output of a “cmk -D hostname” from the command line of your monitoring instance.
Without the knowledge if the host is configured correctly or not, it is not possible to say anything.

cmk -D

Addresses: ********* Tags: [Agenttype:cmk-agent], [ApigeeAzure:ApigeeAzure], [ApigeeServers:ENABLED], [Application:Default], [Custom_Rules_DNM:Ignore_Rule], [Exchange:NotExchange], [Hyper-V:Not_Hyper-V], [MSSQL:Not_MSSQL], [MaintenanceMode:None], [PrintServer:NotPrintServer], [QNXT56:Enabled], [SNMP:snmp1], [Telecom_exclusion:TelecomExclusion], [Ticketing:True], [UPS:NotUPS], [Windows_Services:Not_Monitored], [address_family:ip-v4-only], [agent:all-agents], [criticality:prod], [ip-v4:ip-v4], [networking:lan], [os:unk_os], [piggyback:auto-piggyback], [site:NMSLAVE14], [snmp_ds:no-snmp], [tcp:tcp], [tier:tier1], [webserver_technology:none] Labels: Host groups: Apigee Contact groups: all Agent mode: Normal Checkmk agent, all configured special agents Type of agent: TCP: Process piggyback data from /omd/sites/master/tmp/check_mk/piggyback/hostname Services: checktype item params description groups --------- ---- ------ ----------- ------

Please format the output.

With the option image
But i see already that the host has a configured CMK agent.

Number 1 is not a system tag. It looks like the old agent tag from before 1.6
but “tcp:tcp” is set and also the “cmk-agent” tag is there. It is not important that it belongs to a different tag group. In the end this means agent is active on this host.