Service Graph of nested filesystems

We have some hosts where there are nested filesystems, e.g. /home and /home/user. The performance data is gathered and looking good.


However the service graph is only rendered for the innermost filesystem /home/user. The outer filesystem only shows this error message instead of service graph:

Cannot calculate graph recipes

Syntax error in expression '('rrd', 'poke', 'enton', 'Filesystem /home', 'fs_used', 'max', 1048576), 
('rrd', 'poke', 'enton', 'Filesystem /home', 'user_fs_used', 'max', 1048576), 
('rrd', 'poke', 'enton', 'Filesystem /home', 'user_fs_size', 'max', 1048576), 
('rrd', 'poke', 'enton', 'Filesystem /home', 'user_fs_used_percent', 'max', 1048576), 
('rrd', 'poke', 'enton', 'Filesystem /home', 'user_growth', 'max', 1048576), 
('rrd', 'poke', 'enton', 'Filesystem /home', 'user_trend', 'max', 1048576), 
('operator', 'MERGE')': too many operands left

This is even more baffling on another host with filesystems /home, /home/mewtoo and /home/ash, where monitoring of /home/ash is disabled by rule and /home/mewtoo has been removed from the server (and monitoring). However the error message lists the deleted and the disabled filesystem as well.

We are using CMK 2.0.0b1 Raw Edition. I will provide more info on request.

Found a workaround for this issue by manually deleteing the XML and RRD files belonging to the mewtoo and ash filesystems from /omd/sites/poke/var/pnp4nagios/perfdata/anotherhost/

great that you found a solution.
If you are really still running 2.0B1 and not P1 I would recommend to update to P1 as soon as possible as there were hundreds of Bugfixes in between.

Sorry, I mistyped the version, we are using 2.0.0p1

The original issue with filesystems /home and /home/user is still present. I believe the performance data for /home/user is errorneously taken into account, mabye due to a bad regex or selection criteria.

This issue seems to have been resolved in CheckMK 2.0.0p3

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