Service Groups and adding them to hosts - best practices

Good morning,

I’ve been tasked to create Service Groups that will contain specific checks, that I need to assign to certain group of hosts. So I have this case:

Service groups:
Linux General
Linux Webserver
Linux DB

Centos (10 servers)
Webservers (10 servers)
Databases (10 servers)

Now i want this service groups being added as follow:
Centos: Linux General
Webservers: Linux General, Linux Webserver
Darabases: Linux General, Linux DB

Could you guys please point me into the right direction. What is the best way of achieving it and if it can be automated.

Many thanks for your help.

Hi Lucas,

there are different ways i would work with a combination of TAG`s and labels.

as example
TAG Application

and for special or unique services
Labels for example

and then add the Service/Hosts to Groups with Rules

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@BH2005 Thank you so much for your reply.

I was looking yesterday how to add Service Groups to Host Groups via GUI but I couldn’t find anything.
Do I need to make it manually in file ?

No it is in

WATO > Host & Service Parameter > Grouping

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@BH2005 Thanks I will give it a try later on.