Service labels from external sources

Hi, would it possible to add service labels from external sources

  1. without creating rules and
  2. without modifying the existing checks?

I’m aware of

A little bit more background:

I need to evaluate Checkmk 2.0 for a new monitoring project with an external CMDB. This external CMDB provides the hosts and additional services related information. For instance, there we can find which switch ports are the uplinks and which are the access ports. Another example is the contact group of managed wan links attached to specific ports.

For daily operation, the people responsible for the devices and for keeping the CMDB entries up-to-date
should not need to change anything in the monitoring system. On the other hand, the people managing the monitoring system should also not need to update the CMDB.

Learning more about service labels it initially seemed to me the way to go. However, I would rather avoid creating rules to add labels and then even more rules to match against the labels created.

Would that be possible?

Thank you in advance!