Service Scan not working with SNMP credentials Rule (Bug)


So I created a rule in “Setup > Agents > SNMP rules > SNMP Credentials of monitored host”, where if a host is added with the label type:firewall, the credentials that are configured in that rule are used for SNMP access.
I get the green state when doing a test connection but the service scan doesn’t work, but if I add them manually the service scan works and I get the services. Also works if a host inherits from a folder.
Is this a Bug or am I doing something wrong? Because I get SNMP Access from what I see on the test connections but I am not able to get anything from a service scan. Also in the rules parameters of the host, I see the rule I created so it should work.
PS: I’m using SNMPv3

Please provide screenshots of the rule, so we can see, what you are doing exactly.