Services going Stale


i have multiple Services, which is going stale sometimes.

Is this a normal behaviour?

Load is not too high.

Kind regards

Hi @Flolo,
“Is this a normal behaviour?”: Depends. Some types of checks have a tendency to go stale, for example snmp checks on slow devices or also the check via vSphere special agent.
Which services go stale in your environment? This information would help a lot :wink:

Do you use the RAW or Enterprise edition?
If it is the RAW edition it is very common that after activating a configuration some services are stale.
The Nagios core inside the RAW edition needs up to 15-20 minutes to reschedule all the checks.

Its the enterprise Edition.
Most of the time it`s the Exchange Server.

I have the normal Windows Agent and MS Exchange Database Latency Plugin installed.

Other times it`s the 3par. I think on this the problem is the slow 3par Agent…

I had similar problems on my site when got 5k stale services and my load was low. I increased number of checkers and fetchers in global settings and it did it.

How many checkers and fetchers do you have?

That`s my checkers and fetchers settings

well i have 25+k services and
maybe it is too high number but rather be sure all is good. I had 40 fethers before but during backup by Veeam software my site got big load so i increased to 120

Thank you. I will try it out.