Setting up Mail Notifications

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Ubuntu 21.10
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I’d like to setup Mail notifications via postfix. So far i have installed postfix but there is no mail sent when a check is in a critical state.
When analyzing the notification itself with the “Analyze ruleset for this notification” i could notice, that the ruleset is correct and would trigger the mail.
When using the following command, i am able to send me a test-notification.

echo 'test smtp' | mail -r -s 'test email'

When leaving out the -r switch, however i do not get the mail. in the /var/log/mail.log i can see, that with the “-r” switch the log-entry is “”, without the switch it is " from=root@srv-checkmk"
Based on this facts i assume, that somewhere i do have to specify the source-mail but i do not find where i have to put it.
I home someone can help me.
Thank You

you can set the from address either via Setup > Parameters for HTML email or in the notification rule: Setup > Notifications.
What’s in the notify.log of CMK?


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thanks for your fast reply. I did now set the parameter in the notification rule but it didn’t change anything. In the mail.log i do still have “from =root@srv-checkmk”.
Here the content of the notify.log: