Several IP addresses

I have several servers, which have 2 IP addresses. Sometimes they are available on only one of them, and I would like to monitor them either way.
I can create a rule to ping all of them, which leaves the ping state still critical, since one of them is down.
And - even worse - I dont get any agent output, if the second ip is up, but the first one isn’t.

How to tell CheckMK to use one of the interface, when only one is up?

I’m using Managed 1.5.0p23

you have to configure the rule Check hosts with PING -> Alternative address to ping.


Thanks, but that solves only the ping status.
The agent output still says “connection refused”. It doesnt try to use the alternative IP to get the agent output. It works on the CLI with cmk -d

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This is a very unusual scenario.
You could solve it by configuring a load balancer like HAproxy on the monitoring server that probes both IP addresses for tcp port 6556 and can deliver the agent output and maybe the host status. In checkmk you would then use a localhost connection to HAproxy for the agent query.

or he can call the agent by ssh and create some sort of validation to see which IP should reach.

Thanks for your suggested solutions.
I think it’s not worth the pain - I hoped that there’s a build-in function I could use, but since that’s not the case I’ll just drop the case.