Show host status for users who are only service contacts

Version:CheckMK Enterprise 2.1

We use a strict permission where only services are visible if you are a contact to those services. This means that no users will the any hosts as they are only service contacts (not host contacts)

This means all Dashboards will show 0 hosts, but they can see all services, including Check_MK* PING* etc.

Is there a way to allow them to use the hosts views etc to see the host so the Dashboards don’t snow 0 hosts?


From the top of my mind: No.

If you have such strict security requirements, this is probably all you will get.
But maybe someone else has ideas here.

I’d agree, livestatus won’t let you count the hosts when you’re not allowed to see them.
Maybe a hacky workaround: give the users permissions to the Checkmk hosts own “Site statistics” service, and then change the dashboard to use the perfdata from that service in widgets instead of trying to count the hosts.