Sneak Peek at New Documentation and Beta Test Google Cloud Integration

Hello community,
Hope you are having a great week! :blush:

Yesterday we had our Community Call – and it was full of great surprises for the community.

  • First of all is yes, we are working on Google Cloud integration, and now you have a chance to help us out beta-testing it! Just take a look at this part of the call where Thomas who introduced the feature tells more about the beta testing;

  • And here is a sneak peek at the new documentation interface presented by Marcel! Be one of the first to check out the new features and feel the new look of the Checkmk docs :slight_smile: Also, please do share your opinion, ideas, questions – the knowledge team worked very hard to make the new look better and interface more convenient to interact with, and they would be happy to hear some feedback! You can share your thoughts under this topic or in a dedicated category of the forum: in English or in German. Or just text me, I will make sure your message reaches the team!

So, what do you think about the new Docs or Google Cloud being monitored in Checkmk?


Since there where many questions on the new search, we decided to document it in an dedicated article. Sorry, this is German only for now, a better formatted version will be built tonight and the English translation will follow by the end of next week.

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