SNMP based checks development

Hello, I’m having some troubles finding documentation for my check_mk version, actually I’m using check_mk 1.6.0p24 for a client of check_mk enterpise, im developing some snmp based plugins for monitoring some specific Dell Networking switch data, and I’m unable to find any documentation about developing for this version, for now i’ve done some code that actually works by reading other plugins and searching on google, but my problem now is that i dont have any clue on how to add parameters and configure them via WATO, also i would like to understand how to do pnp templates but I’m not having a good day finding correct documentation about it.

Hi @tperez
maybe this article can help (a bit): Guidelines for developing check plug-in

The problem is that i don’t know how to debug possible errors, also there’s no specific info about developing WATO definitions, just things you must and you mustn’t do, also I dont clearly know how to debug WATO definitions, i’ve made some tries but if i dont get any errors on screen but still won’t work I’m so far from fixing what could happen, if you want i can post my test code here, but as i said i just made my own from reading others code.