SNMP EMC datadomain, works with specific versions

SNMP v2c. Dell EMC DataDomain.
From same host. Different CMK servers.

CEE 1.2.6p16, perfect, i get all services.
CEE 1.4.0p38, perfect, i get all services
CEE 1.6.0p9, error.
Starting job…

    [agent] Execute data source
    [agent] ERROR: Communication failed: timed out
    [snmp] Execute data source
    SNMP scan failed: Cannot fetch system description OID . This might be OK for some bogus devices. In that case please configure the ruleset “Hosts without system description OID” to tell Check_MK not to fetch the system description and system object OIDs.
    [piggyback] Execute data source

Why? what’s changed? I have no rule configured.

Any tip?


You can look how the SNMP call is changed with the newer version.

Do a “cmk --debug -vvI hostname” you will see the complete snmp call and can compare the older ones with the newer one.

cmk --debug -vvI hostname

Simple and perfect. That told me a lot.
It seems to be it was/it is a lot of info.

[snmp] emc_datadomain_disks: Fetching data
Executing BULKWALK of “.” on VTL-PRPM001
ERROR: SNMP error 0/-24 (Timeout)
[snmp] ERROR: SNMP Error on VTL-PRPM001: SNMP query timed out after 4 tries within 4.00 seconds

I modified “snmp timing” to 30 seconds, and that do the job.

Andreas… THANK YOU

I think your device has a problem with bulkwalk if it needs such timing settings.
You can also try to disable bulkwalk for this device a look at the execution time of your query.