SNMP missing information

Hi everyone and sorry for a stupid question.

I have added a router to CheckMK and is monitoring it using SNMP. The services that are presented are very few. I assume that this is just the basic and that I can add additional information that just is not shown. Besides that I would like to add a custom OID.

Make and model of router? It might be that Check MK doesn’t support it out of the box. You’d therefore have to write a check for it.

Custom OIDs can be trivially checked as per Add specific snmp checks to already discovered host - #5 by pn-rallen

The Router is a Huawei AR6121.

Adding the specific snmp checks, I am unable to find it. I find CheckMk in this case a bit hard to find settings, I guess I have not understood the “data model”

As the device is not supported out of the box have a look at Writing your own check plug-ins

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The question is what do you want to know from your device?
There are already some checks existing für Huawei routers like this one.

But pay attention is i don’t know if these are 2.0 compatible.
It is possible to find some other sources, only most of these are focused on Huawei servers and switches. Not so much the routing business.