SNMP v2c v3, further checks with OIDs implementation

Hi at all,

MIB is clear
OID is clear, used MIB browser, it is clear what i will monitoring.

my wish, fastest cleanest way to implement SNMP OID checks, i wanna implement Schleifenbauer PDUs, is there a chance to get a step by step manual for?

my focus at moment to create a mkp file, import and enable, any other solutions, or implementet tools for faster implementation?

i use check mk 1.5.0p15 and wanna implement schleifenbauer pdu with firmware 242.

many thanks for helping hand, primary question, how to generate file to install the new services, thanks.

You can take a look at my small check templates or the old dev docu.

Templates - old style - working also with 1.4 and 1.5

Old docu

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1000 Dank. Studiere mich gerade durch. Danke.

Hi @andreas-doehler,
The old documentation is nice and i already wormed my way through it. By doing this i came across an idea:

Why dont you publish something like a “skeleton” SNMP check? That way, we could take the documentation, copy your skeleton which is ideally fitted with some remarks or annotations and then just implement our own SNMP mayhem?

I found it difficult to set all those brackets correctly and it was more like “trial and error” if i got everything right. I know there is no ideal solution but it would have helped tremendously.

Also, i “really” need help with the WATO part - i just don’t understand it anymore…

My tasks running… many thanks again…

At the moment i wait for a final version of the new check API.
If the new check API is finished a new skeleton check makes sense.
There are some nice new functions which can save a lot of code in future skeletons.

The old templates also work with 1.6 at the moment.

Hi Andreas,

much appreciated. I am really looking forward to the new API. I am not the best programmer out there and using an API that helps me to deal with the python syntax mayhem would help me a “LOT”. I therefore really hope you can make this work. It would also help us tremendously in collaboration with our partner.

My CheckMK servers are closed off from normal access and coding in text files in trial-and-error takes up a lot of time.

Anyway - keep up the good work!

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