SNMP v3 with HP printer - any update or even better a solution?

Hi CheckMK-Community,

I’m quite new to checkmk and this forum, so please apologize if I address my question not in the appropriate way.
In the forums archive I found a topic about using SNMPv3 with HP Printers
==> [Check_mk (english)] SNMP v3 with HP printer
I was not able to reply to this post, so created a new one…

I tested this with 1.16.0p16 and it still seams to be an issue :frowning:
So situation is:

  • I created a check with SNMPv3 (authPriv) and the snmp-context “Jetdirect” set as parameter


  • in WATO I can test the access successfully
  • with CLI and snmp I could also get access
  • but no access with WATO => Services => “full scan” possible

Happy to get any suggestion from you guys :slight_smile:

Hi Georg

I’ve been using SNMP v2 for our HP printers since the bottom line of the other topic. It sound like the same problem as I had then:

I’ve reported the bug at 09.11.2016, 08:03 to the address I didn’t track, if the bug was resolved.

Sorry, for not having a solution. Maybe you can switch to snmp v2 as a workaround. If you have the paid “Checkmk Enterprise Standard” edition you can ask the support.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I’m also using SNMPv2 and it works.
But it makes no sense, to not fix this bug.
“Save&Test” in WATO works with SNMPv3, why not make the check able to use the proper snmp-context?
I got all my devices to work with SNMPv3, would be great to have also the HP Printers work with SNMPv3.
I will give it a try and send a mail to the address you mentioned above.
Let’s see :slight_smile:

Kind regards

If i have a bit of time left i take a look at the actual code and if i can find the problem as 4 years before, i will make a pull request on github. :slight_smile:

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cool! :slight_smile:
Let me know if you need someone for testing.

I see that this issue is fixed. I was struglling with same configuration for a network device.

Only problem, it will not do discovery for this OIDs . and . with context.
I added rule for “Hosts without system description OID”
and its started working.