Sometimes no service notification is triggered

CMK version: Checkmk Managed Services Edition 2.1.0p18


I am trying to set up email notification and noticed when I was trying this that I did not get an email every time I tested to change the state of the service I monitored. I then did some more testing on a windows time service and noticed that checkmk is missing events for notification sometimes. Can anyone guide me on where to look next because I do not understand why this is.

Please check the picture below, the arrows shows events with no notification events following:

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fyi, I found some log files in this KB Notifications - via Email, SMS, Ticketsystems and more. I will check those and see if I can find any errors. Looks also like there can be a delay issue for 5 min.

It is always nice to make a post. Somehow this make me troubleshoot better :slight_smile: I found a “delay notification rule” that cause this. It is pretty clear in the inline help text what will happen:

“This setting delays notifications about service problems by the specified amount of time. If the service is OK again within that time, no notification will be sent out.”

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