Statistics for how long the host was offline(NO INTERNET)

Hi there. I am trying to get a statistic for the time the host was OFF the internet.
No connection to host might be caused by different issues. So simply checking a connection to the host
will not do. Obviously when there is no internet connection, I will not be able to send anything (so I think that using a service will not do the trick).
I tried sending an event with timestamp (syslog format) (CONNECTED/DISCONNECTED) but then I cant find how to make a report for the time between the two events.
Any advice will be appreciated !

Best regards - Nick !

Or maybe, writing a service which will send status(cached) once connection is established (with past timestamp). I don’t know if this is possible.

Hi, thank you, but I need to monitor if there is internet on the HOST (where check_mk_agent is running).
The Host is sending all its data via ssh (one way connection to the server). As of now I have a service, which stores and sends accumulated downtime in seconds (as metrics) to the server. I still cannot figure out how to create report which to show this metric only (no graphs). I monitor the host via check_file_age plugin. And I need to create statistic which shows : Total Host Not Reachable Time | Time without internet(from the metrics I mentioned) %| Time without power % | …etc.
I am open to any suggestions.

I have ended up using the Grafana CheckMK plugin for similar reporting on CheckMK graphs.

Sounds like you have the right idea with the graphs the store cumulative downtime in a CheckMK graph, you would then use Grafana with a specified time range, do a Grafana “Transform” (that does the math) and come up with a single statistic given the time range you selected in Grafana.

One way to go anyway!

I will check this. Thank you !