Switch bandwidth exceeds interface speed


I have strange readings with interfaces, when having levels on the “Used bandwidth” value. The network admins would like to have a warning, if the interface bandwidth is above 70%, but it should never go critical (because of the bandwidth). I set the levels like this

I thought this would rule out a critical state, but to my surprise this is measured:

“…Speed: 1 GBit/s, In: 41 MBit/s (4.10%), Out: 1.09 GBit/s (warn/crit at 700 MBit/s/1.01 GBit/s) (109.47%)(!!)”

I don’t have any explanation from the network admins, but “this could be a conversion problem regarding bits/bytes”. I find this rather unlikely, because I think the values are read as bits anyway via snmp.
Unfortunately the critical value cannot be set higher than 101% in the checkmk rule.

Did anyone experience similar issues? Is there a solution for this?

CMK version: 2.0.0p19 (CEE)


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