Switch Port Discovery Anomaly?


I am doing some tests in the development environment on a version 1.6P22 of checkmk. in the image you can see some ports in down status but they are ok others are in crit. do you know why?


the state of a switch port is saved while execution the first discovery.
If the state is down at that time, down is “OK”. If it is up, up is “OK”.
If that state changes afterwards, you get a message that the state changed.
If you don´t want to monitor the state of certain ports, you can create different rulesets e.g.

  • which switch port types you want to discover,
  • what to choose for the switch port names
  • which Speed or UP/Down states you expect or want to monitor

All of these may be configured based on regular expressions on the port names.
Take a look at the following blog posts, there are some examples on how to configure that :