Tactical overview snapin

Hi all,

I’ve found the werk that says you can modify the current tactical overview snapin (or create a new one) on teh web.

Can’t figure out how to actually do it though.

I’d like to make the default tactical overview show problems, host issues etc for hosts only in a certain folder.

Any help appreciated

It’s a bit hidden.

  1. Go to the snapin page image by hitting the icon in the lower left
  2. Click image in the top
  3. Click image
  4. As snapin type select Tactical Overview image
    and add filters to your liking.

Hi Dirk, thanks for the reply.

Thats a new one, can i modify the old one at all? Or choose to hide it in lieu of my new one?


I don’t think you can modify the original snapin. I’d remove it from the sidebar by hitting the x in its upper right image and replace it with the custom version.

will do, thanks again

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