The requested URL's length exceeds the capacity limit for this server


Does somebody is familiar with that error?

I got it when upgraded from 1.2.8 Raw version to 1.6.0p17 Raw version and went to change the separator on the rules in the Event Console. The regex in field Text to match was implemented with the old separator " , " and I wanted to change it to ", ". When I click save and I got - The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

I tried with cleaning browser cookies as it is recommended in some articles but without success.

You made a direct update from 1.2.8 to 1.6?

Can you create a new rule in the Event Console?

Yes, I can. After the upgrade I went through all of the rules and changed the separator except the rule pack that have rules that return the error.

One of them is:
AlarmCSN.0:\s(\d+)\s,.+?AlarmMOName.0:\s(.?)\s,.+?AlarmLevel.0:\s’\w+’\s,.+?AlarmExtendInfo.0:\s(.?)\s,\s.+?Probablecause.0:\s(.+?bandwidth usage on interface exceeded.+?)\s*,.+?Specificproblems.0:\s(.?)\s,.+?AdditionalInfo.0:\s(.?)\s,\sHW-eSight-NBI-Alarm


I found another solution.
I changed the rules through mkeventd.d/ file.

Yes this will work but the questions is why you get this message.
If you create a new rule with the same regex, do you get the same error?
But at the moment i don’t know any solution for this problem.


we have a similar problem.
When I try to search (Quicksearch and host search) for over 800 hosts to set a Downtime, i get same error.

Is it possible to increase this value or is there another way to set a downtime for 800 hosts or more?

With a view I can list the hosts, but as soon i activate the check boxes, I get the same error again.

Best regards