The structure of the file is invalid


I’m trying to upload the attached file that was generated using mkp pack, but the Exchange says “The structure of the file is invalid.”

Can anybody point me to the right direction what’s wrong?

unbound-1.0.0.mkp (3.5 KB)

@baris.leenders can you have a look at this issue please?

@thl-cmk thanks for tagging me.

@jplitza sorry, I missed this post last week. However, I did see the validation error popup in our logs and we solved it about a week ago.

unbound-1.0.0.mkp - Found invalid directory 'gui'

We check all the files and directories during the upload process. So if there is something we don’t expect, the upload fails. ‘gui’ has since been added to the list of allowed directories in an MKP.
If you want, you can try and upload the MKP again. If there is another issue with the upload I will take a look again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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