There is compatibility table for Check_MK_Agent?


In the official site i don’t view a list compatibility (“for check_mk_agent”) OS / Architecture but exist? yes, where is?

For example, is there a package for the “ppc64el, ppc64le” architecture?


This depends more on your operating system not so much on the architecture.

All Unix/Linux agents are shell scripts and independent from the architecture.
If your Unix/Linux has not all the used shell tools/functions you can modify the agent to your needs.

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Hi Andreas :blush:,

thx, for the response.

So the agent must be installed manually? right?.


“installed” is relative - if copying a shell script to /bin/ something is installing then yes you can/need to install it manually if there is no package available for your distribution :slight_smile:

I would call these agents then via SSH. Here you find some hints and explanations about SSH access.

Hi, Andreas,