Top 10 device CPU


I’d like to show top 10 devices that have the highest CPU utilization into our dashboard.
You can add it only for a single host (you need to apply an filter).

You can create a view and add the Perf-O-Meter for CPU utilization to it. Then you can sort using that.

In 2.1 in the Enterprise Edition, you will find Linux dashboards built-in, which use that feature for filesystems. You can take a look at them and copy them and adapt them to your needs.

How do I add the Perf-O-Meter to the dasboard? Can’t find it under the metrics.

Guess I’m missing something…?

Already found it! Thanks!
Is there also an possibility to change the time interval from 4 hours to 2?

I only can get it as a Barplot.
This is what I’ve got now: