Top management love sexy reporting and TOP TEN feature would be appreciated

Hello checkmk team.

In my company, as everywhere I think, it is the management which holds the purse, and decides the go / no go of the projects.
What matters to those people is not so much technical performance, easy to use or integration, but sexy dashboards to show in the executive committee.

Check mk 2.0 bring good thing, but it is a pity that there is not the possibility of doing a simple “TOP TEN” and that the fact of making such a simple and important selection for a report is not to the road map. (There is a limit row implementation, but which have to be post processed to any sorting, and that is currently not possible, neither planned cf ticket SUP-6964)

those kind of report exists in other tools, and despite the time I’ve spent fighting to get checkmk out of my squad, we may well have to use another tool that knows how to do those kind of reporting.

I hope you will find it useful to have reports and make it available indeed check mk CEE.


A top ten is not simple :slight_smile: It is somewhere on the roadmap though.
Implementing it on a single site is doable. But consider doing this for distributed monitoring, where the information has to be fetched from all sites, then processed etc.

A workaround for building top ten lists is using views, where you have Perf-O-Meters (try the pre-built CPU Inventory view with the right filter and you have top CPU utilization across your entire infra)

but a “sexy” dashboard plugin will be much nicer …
for sure it`s no Problem to build different views and add them to Dashboards etc.

as an example “Top Alerts” it`s an lovely view for that … with the right filter possibilitys

Greets Bernd