Trouble connecting new vSphere server to checkmk

I’ll preface with I’m pretty new to deploying CheckMK agents. This is the first vSphere I’ve tried to setup. This is a new vSphere and there are a few other vSphere’s configured correctly in our environment. I pretty much copied the same settings on the existing ones for this setup.

The first thing that pops out is something wrong with the cert on the appliance? I’m really not sure what I’m asking or what direction I should go but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask here. There are some screenshots below. If there is any other info that might be helpful let me know.

This is a VCSA on version 7.0.1.

The machine what you tried to monitor should be the vCenter machine.
But in your case it looks like you already have data for this machine. The ESX Memory/Snapshot checks are showing some results. From does this data comes? I think your vCenter should run in the same environment. Do you also monitor the ESX servers by itself with the special agent? With actual 1.6 CMK you only need to monitor the ESX machines or the vCenter with the special agent. Booth are not needed.

Yes, I do see some data. I wasn’t very clear. But in our other vCenters that are monitored it show the ESXI hosts and datastore. Maybe I just need to add them individually?

Hi @nary

Personally I monitor both individually: The vCenter and each ESXi host. The rule to accomplish this has multiple options though, so you will need to modify it accordingly, e.g. don’t monitor VMs on the ESXi host but only through the vCenter. Otherwise you’ll have “vanished services” each time a VM is migrated…

To do this, you need to select “what” you’re monitoring with the rule: Is it a vCenter, or a hypervisor? I guess you probably figured the latter out on your own…:slight_smile:


With actual 1.6 special agent it is not needed anymore to query the single ESX servers as all relevant data is fetched over the vCenter. Before some performance data was missing (1.5 and 1.4).

@nary what i mean is that your host shows some data but cannot connect with the special agent. That means that piggyback data for this machine is available but from where?

Hey guys,

I noticed that @nary mentioned that he has a vSphere 7.x instance. Unfortunately
I don’t have one to test, so I can’t say how the special agent behaves with this version,
and whether it should or shouldn’t return all performance data, as Andreas mentioned.

The highest vSphere version I have is 6.7.
Unless I’m doing something terribly wrong:

In order to get all monitoring data I want, including performance data (CPU/RAM usage) of the ESXi host(s) in question, I have to monitor both: the vCenter, and the hypervisor(s). Additionally, this is the only way I see to get the “Hardware Sensors”, the “Maintenance Mode” and the “Overall State” services for each ESXi host.


This is all possible with only querying the vCenter. There is only one exception - System Time. This check is only working for the vCenter time if you get all the data from vCenter.
Until 1.6 agent the performance data was missing for the ESX hosts.
Give it a try. Turn on all options for the vCenter and look what comes back.
Before i extended the 1.5 agent to also get the performance data from vCenter as i had an infrastructure to monitor with 150 ESX servers and the responsible person told me - no local users are created on the servers.