Troubleshooting MS Teams Notifications


we are trying to implement the MS Teams Notification Plugin from the Exchange Platform and running into a problem.

We installted the Plugin into our CME environment. And added our webhook as a Parameter for the notification.

When trying to send a notificantion the msteams plugin is executed. But we are getting the following messages:

Output: Webhook URL not set
Plugin exited with code 2

Are we missing any steps in setting this up ?

Our Version is CME 2.1.0p9 and we are running on a RHEL 7/CentOS 7

Kind Regards
Kai Jakobsen


if you only want to get notifications in teams channel, you could use the email-address every teams channel has.
Then you could use it as mail notification and no need to manage/install the Teams-Plugin.

Maybe a solution for you?


Maybe this Thread could also help…


i will try that in the future. For now i hardcoded the link into the msteams file