UCS blade chassis and FI - how do I monitor the server health

I have enabled the ucs_bladecenter api rule and can monitor temperature/voltage/interfaces of the FIs.

I have been searching and can not find any how to monitor the servers themselves. What am I missing?

What you see is not only the FI but the sensors of the chassis also.

Here you need to access the IPs of your blade CIMC. The reach ability of this interfaces depends on your configuration of the blade system.

Ok, so I just need to use IPMI to the CIMC interface of each blade?

I don’t know any specific UCS-B Series checks. That means you can try to use IPMI. But i cannot say what you get back. Normally if a blade has a problem i see this inside the health status of the complete blade center.

I was able to get the ipmitool to connect to the CIMC after upgrading to 2.0.0p18 . I can’t get it to work with freeipmi.

2.0.0p11 was missing an option for ipmitool to specify lanplus/2.0