Unhandled exception 452

Could you please point me to the document on how to create a bug report for CheckMK Multisite?

After enabling Icinga2 Livestatus and adding the connector in WATO/Distributed Monitoring we can see an error in Multisite window:

Unhandled exception: 452: Error: Column 'host_downtimes_with_extra_info' does not exist in table 'services'.
(0) icinga2: icinga::Table::GetColumn(icinga::String const&) const (+0x250) [0x9814f0]
(1) icinga2: icinga::LivestatusQuery::ExecuteGetHelper(boost::intrusive_ptr<icinga::Stream> const&) (+0x1281) [0xad7c51]
(2) icinga2: icinga::LivestatusQuery::Execute(boost::intrusive_ptr<icinga::Stream> const&) (+0xaf) [0xad85af]
(3) icinga2: icinga::LivestatusListener::ClientHandler(boost::intrusive_ptr<icinga::Socket> const&) (+0x182) [0xad88e2]
(4) icinga2: icinga::ThreadPool::WorkerThread::ThreadProc(icinga::ThreadPool::Queue&) (+0x77a) [0x845b8a]
(5) libboost_thread-mt.so.1.53.0: <unknown function> (+0xd27a) [0x7f98f444527a]
(6) libpthread.so.0: <unknown function> (+0x7dd5) [0x7f98f2316dd5]
(7) libc.so.6: clone (+0x6d) [0x7f98f203fead]

The same error is visible in CheckMK 1.4.0p25 and 1.6.0p5 and is most likely related to different LQL returns from CheckMK Livestatus and Icinga2 Livestatus.

Please advise, if possible.


I would say that the Icinga2 Livestatus is not compatible with Multisite Livestatus anymore.
The problem is not the protocol or communication directly. It is more the different tables and columns.
Multisite is expecting some columns not available inside the Icinga2 Livestatus.
In your case it is the column

The bug or better feature request should go to Icinga2 to add this column.
If you want to connect different Livestatus backends, there are not many possibilities. I would try if this is possible with Thruk and the Livestatus Multi Daemon.

From Thruk Documentation

LMD fixes some issues in backend specific livestatus implementations, ex.: Icinga 2

One question - is there a special reason to use Icinga2 with CMK Multisite?

Good afternoon Andreas,

Many thanks for the quick reply.
I was running LQL and did see those columns missing, so thought to double check with CheckMK if there is nothing else what can be done from this end.

I have been using CheckMK and Nagios for 10years+ , but some of my colleagues are searching for monitoring alternatives and their preference was Icinga2.
I thought it would be nice to have all the alerts in one Multisite window.

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