Update 1.6 -> 2.0 and the simulation mode

Hello community,

With the past upgrade from CEE 1.5 to CEE 1.6 and also later with CEE 1.6 we used the Simulation mode activated in global settings as described here:

That worked very well and very efficient for us. We are able to simulate a complete remote site with just copying from time to time the config and the cache files.

Now we are testing the upgrade from CEE 1.6 → CEE 2.0 but after the simulated site is on 2.0 the check_mk service of Datasource and SNMP agents complains:

Simulation mode enabled and no cached data present

The reason is that the structure below ~/tmp/check_mk has changed in 2.0 for the cache files.
After investigating this we found out that all cache files for Datasource agents now have their own directory below ~/tmp/check_mk/data_source_cache. Thats managable, we only need to find out the new name of the directory and copy over the related files. So far so good, but not for SNMP.
The directory ~/tmp/check_mk/data_source_cache/snmp has now two subdirectories: ./checking and ./discovery. Each file in that dir contains a different kind of SNMP content.

So now, the “Gretchen Frage” is how can I split the former 1.6 SNMP chache file in to the two files in ./checking and ./discovery???

IMPORTANT: Please do only respond to that question. We are fully aware of all the other options to simulate a host but only the simulation mode as described above is efficient enough to fit our needs.

Any help focusing on my question is much apperciated.