Upgrade Cadence From 1.5 to 2.0

Good Afternoon,

I am looking to do an upgrade of 1.5.0p16 to the latest 2.0 version sometime in the near future. Since I’m going more than one major version increase, would you recommend that I do this in steps (1.5 → 1.6 → 2.0), or jump straight to the 2.0 version? Working with the raw version, and working on several different distributed sites.

That maybe leads to a second question. With this hub and spoke type setup, do you recommend upgrading the main hub first, and then smaller spokes that report into it, or the other way around?

We have only added one inventory package to it (which is not highly implemented yet), and while the instances are large (one is over 1500 hosts), they’re pretty standard.


If there are as you wrote not many modifications in your system then also it should be possible to go direct to 2.0. But i would do the steps 1.5-1.6.-2.0.

You need to do all systems at the “same” time. It is not possible to have a 2.0 master and push to a 1.6 site without error message and problems. The same the other way.

Gotcha. So realistically, update them all to 1.6, then bring them back online one-at-a-time, likely starting with the master server, and then the individual spokes? Then rise and repeat for 2.0?

You don’t need to take the systems offline. I do such a procedure in the normal daily business.
Before upgrade test your modifications if they work in a small test system.
If all is ok - start with one of the systems - only stop site - upgrade site - start site - normally 2-3 minutes per site. Only you need to ensure that no one does any changes on the master before you finish all updates on the sites.
After all sites run the same version check if it possible to push config from master and then you can repeat the procedure with the next version step.